8 Airbnb Homes Close To Midtown Atlanta’s Movie Magic

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Since Pinewood Atlanta Studios opened in 2014, Georgia’s capital has become quite the holiday destination for film and TV buffs, and is full of Airbnbs close to Midtown Atlanta’s movie magic. All sorts have been filmed in A-town, including 2017 blockbuster Baby Driver (which was set there), The Walking Dead, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Captain America, Ant-Man and Spider-Man.

Thought that was it? Oh no, there’s more! The Hunger Games, Stranger Things, The Vampire Diaries, My Cousin Vinny, The Dukes Of Hazzard, Flight, Zombieland and Remember The Titans all saw a director yell “ACTION!” in the city too.

You can barely step outside your door in Midtown without stumbling across a film crew, making it an incredibly exciting place to stay. Visit the fabulous Fox Theater and catch a show, or hang out at cool spots like Piedmont Park and Ponce City Market. Or just grab a bite to eat and debate which is the best Star Wars movie at any one of the plethora of bars and restaurants around.

Here are some of the best Midtown Atlanta Airbnb properties on offer…

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8. A Historic Georgian Mansion In Midtown Atlanta

midtown atlanta mansion airbnb midtown atlanta mansion airbnb midtown atlanta mansion airbnb midtown atlanta mansion airbnb

Stay in this beautiful and historic home that was built in 1926, and just screams American Horror Story: Coven! The lounge was made for curling up and watching a feature-length, with its big leather sofa, widescreen TV, and Goodfellas poster on the wall. Those not into horror might be a little freaked out by the swing set in the garden, but vacationers with kids will love that extra touch.

War films more your thing? Then you’ll be intrigued to know the house sits directly on the battlefield of the Civil War. This rental is also in walking distance to Piedmont Park (where Pepper and Tony go jogging in Avengers: Infinity War), the Beltline (where you can admire the amazing art installations along the path) and Atlanta’s iconic Ponce City Market. $750 per night.

7. A Luxury Home Close To All Of Midtown’s Major Attractions

luxury home midtown atlanta airbnb luxury home midtown atlanta airbnb luxury home midtown atlanta airbnb luxury home midtown atlanta airbnbThis amazing home is situated right in the middle of everything! Here, you will be close to Woodruff Arts Center (which doubles as Chastain Park Memorial Hospital in TV show The Resident), The High Museum (featured in Black Panther), performing arts venue The Fox Theater and Atlanta’s famous Botanical Gardens.

Come the evening, take your pick of delightful fine dining choices in the Midtown area, with premier seafood restaurants and top-notch steak houses are right on your doorstep. This home will provide a beautiful place for you to relax whilst on your movie-lovers adventure. $949 per night.

6. A Midtown Bungalow Right On The Edge Of Piedmont Park

piedmont park atlanta airbnb piedmont park atlanta airbnb piedmont park atlanta airbnb piedmont park atlanta airbnbThis fantastic bungalow sits right on the edge of the iconic Piedmont Park, Midtown Atlanta’s most popular green space. Can’t cope without a fresh coffee to get you going in the morning? Well, this home is close to Trader Joes, and plenty of restaurants and coffee shops. All that java will give you plenty of energy to walk the Beltline (a 22-mile loop of old railroad tracks) or visit the Midtown Mile and see the art museums. After exploring for the day you can come home to this peaceful residence and enjoy even more coffee on the porch while watching the world go by. Alternatively, hop on a train at the nearby MARTA Station to explore literally everything Atlanta has to offer. $1,200 per night.

5.  A Restored 1912 Prairie-style Home In The Heart Of The City

restored midtown atlanta airbnb home restored midtown atlanta airbnb home restored midtown atlanta airbnb home

This unique-looking Midtown Atlanta home is like no other! Charmingly decorated, it’s the epitome of Southern Charm with its three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and more outside space than Jurassic Park (no dinosaurs, sadly). Fans of The Hunger Games will be excited to know it’s not too far from The Goat Farm Arts Center, an artists’ community which also doubled up as District 12 (home to Katniss Everdeen, aka Jennifer Lawrence, in the movie). Apparently the film crew scattered bits of coal on the ground (since District 12’s industry is coal mining) and pieces can still be found to this day. Who needs souvenir shops, anyway? $1,119 per night.

4. A Modern Apartment With City Skyline Views

atlanta midtown airbnb apartment atlanta midtown airbnb apartment atlanta midtown airbnb apartment

atlanta midtown airbnb apartmentLose yourself in this ultra-modern 2 bedroom condo which has major Lost In Translation vibes. Sadly, Scarlett Johansson won’t be there, but you can still enjoy stunning 360-degree views across Midtown and Atlanta from the roof.

Like most places in Midtown, you’ll be in walking distance of all the popular tourist attractions, including Piedmont Park, Woodruff Art Center and a whole host of upscale restaurants and fine dining options. But why even leave the apartment then there’s a rooftop pool just screaming “Throw a party in and around me!” and also a state of the art fitness center, so you can work off all that fine dining (or not – we won’t judge). $1,350 per night.

3. A Modern Townhouse Close To The Mercedes Benz Stadium

atlanta midtown airbnb

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine get you a bit hot under the collar at the 2019 Super Bowl? Then you can re-visit the scene of his shirtless-ness, with this townhome, which is in walking distance to the newly-built Mercedes Benz stadium and many other Atlanta attractions.

The rental is built for Super Bowl-style entertaining, with a fully-equipped kitchen, patio furniture and a large gas grill out on the deck. Oh, and did we mention it has a 65-inch TV? Yeah, that’ll do. Can’t be bothered to cook? Then just stroll to one of the nearby restaurants or bars, and experience the vibrant Midtown Atlanta nightlife. $995 per night.

2. Be In The Center Of Midtown Atlanta With A Rooftop Tennis Courtmidtown atlanta condo airbnb midtown atlanta condo airbnb midtown atlanta condo airbnb

Channel Kirsten Dunst in Wimbledon with this modern two-bedroom condo. “How on earth am I going to do that?” you ask. Well, this luxury building features a rooftop tennis court where you can practice your backhand, forehand, serve, volley and half volley. Sounds exhausting, right? Well once you’re done, there’s a hot tub perfect for unwinding in.

Use the nearby transportation to get to Atlanta’s best attractions (why not go shark and whale spotting at the Aquarium?) or just stroll around Centennial Olympic Park. The opening chase of Baby Driver took place near this green space, when police throw a spike strip across the road to try and stop Baby trying to get away. Spoiler: he got away. Suckers! $1,000 per night.

1. A Stunning California-style Modern Home Close To Midtown

midtown atlanta modern home airbnb midtown atlanta modern home airbnb midtown atlanta modern home airbnb midtown atlanta modern home airbnb

If you want to feel like an actual movie star, then this modern, luxury home is the rental for you. You’ll love the high-end conveniences that have been provided. Spread yourself (and all your belongings) out over the residence’s 2,300 square feet, and enjoy views of Atlanta from the massive deck.

Location-wise, you’re in easy walking distance of the Beltline (where you can browse art, take a walking tour, or rent a bicycle), Krog Street Market (go listen to some live music at Superica) and Ponce City Market (with its food hall, shops, and regular sewing classes at Topsitch Studio & Lounge). Or if you really want to act like a movie star, scrap the walking and hire a chauffeur! $2,700 per night.

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