A guide to the neighborhoods of Hawaii

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Traveling Hawaii can be tricky for first-time visitors, as it is filled with different neighborhoods from the busy areas around Honolulu to the relaxed shorelines of Oahu. If you’re looking for a neighborhood guide to help you pick a vacation spot or place to move that suits your needs, here is a summary of some of the coolest neighborhoods in Hawaii:

Hawaii Kai


Hawaii Kai, also known by its Hawaiian name, Maunalua, which means two mountains. Maunalua is located on the southeastern coast of Oahu. Shops, a movie theater, restaurants and parks for children to play fill this neighborhood. The most popular tourist spot in Hawaii Kai is the China Walls. Where you can see locals jumping into the ocean from high sea cliffs. Be sure to hike the Koko Head stairs before sunset if you love hiking, it is an experience within an experience.



The Surfer’s paradise Haleiwa is located at the North Shore of Oahu. It is home to Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach and Pipeline making it a great relaxation spot to spend the day with your family and friends. Excellent restaurants and shopping centers attract locals and tourists. It also houses some of the warmer neighborhoods in all of Hawaii.



Kauaii s one of the best locations for people who want to find the Hawaiian culture in its totality. Kauai has a little bit of everything, from beaches and swimming areas along the South Shore. To deeply cut canyons and jungles across the middle of the island for hiking and chilling in the rural North Shore community. To get a taste of traditional meals, visitors should stop at the restaurants away from the resorts. Check out the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Filled with wonders it is an island ecosystem inside an island ecosystem.

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Black Point/ Diamond Head


Diamond Head is regarded as the Beverly Hills of Hawaii, surrounded by beautiful mansions, white sandy beaches, and wide roads. It is also home to the infamous and illegal saltwater pool; if you’re an adventurer you will find lots of adventure in this area (like scaling through the rocky coastline to get to the saltwater pool). During high tide and big swells, the ocean waves in this area crash into the pool creating a potentially dangerous situation for some individuals, hence you are not allowed to trespass beyond these areas during certain periods. If you’re caught trespassing, you will be banned, and if you are caught a second time, you’ll be required to pay a fine.



Lanikai is a beautiful town located on the east side of Oahu. If you’re a nature lover who adores the ocean, this Island is certainly a place you’d want to visit. Isolated from the other Hawaiian Islands, Lanai is usually free of crowds even during peak periods during tourist seasons. It’s a bit harder to get to so you’re going to find only a few families on vacation here. In Lanikai, tourists can spend time exploring the surrounding waters or simply enjoying the serenity of the beach. You can also visit the Shipwreck Beach, a beach with a WWII liberty ship rusting in the water. Generally, this area seems to attract those people looking to move to Hawaii because of its quiet environment.



Fascinated by Hawaiian culture? Molokai is the place for you. More than half of the residents of this island are indigenous, and tourists get to experience an authentic welcome and access to ancient sites. Hotel Molokai’s in-house restaurant, the Hula Shores also offers visiting tourists fine dining at relatively cheap prices. Tourists love great dining options like Mana’e Goods n Grindz and Sundown Deli. 

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