8 very cool Airbnb properties in Iceland

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Located in the North Atlantic, Iceland consistently ranks among the worlds best top places to live …and Airbnb Iceland properties aren’t bad either!

Known as the ‘Land of Fire and Ice‘ it is home to volcanoes and some of the worlds largest glaciers. Iceland maintains a strong literary tradition. The country is home to many authors and publishes more books per capita than anywhere else. It also has a blossoming music and film industry and Icelandic design is gaining in popularity.

We’ve found some Airbnb properties in Iceland that are available to rent, so you don’t have to: 

8.Cottage close to Geysir

Airbnb Iceland geysir cottage

This is a real luxury Airbnb Iceland property. A unique summer house in the middle of the famous Golden Circle route. The property was built to reflect the Icelandic landscape and is very green and sustainable. The 2 bed 1 bath home enjoys geothermal water and energy. $250 per night. 

7. Beautiful Modern Penthouse Apartment

Airbnb Iceland penthouse apartment

Beautiful modern penthouse apartment close to 
downtown Reykjavík. This 2 bedroom home can accommodate up to 6 guests. Close to the seashore and a couple of shops with more amenities just a short walk away. $157 per night. Airbnb Iceland is pretty great.

6. A Northern Lights Chalet 

iceland airbnb chalet

See the Northern Lights from this chalet located close to 
Akureyri – the ‘Capital of the North’ which has many shops and restaurants to visit.  This 2 bed, 1 bath home can accommodate up to 8 guests and features an indoor fireplace. $288 per night

5. A Cabin Lodge on The Golden Circle

Cabin golden circle iceland airbnb

This cabin is a large structure comprised of 2 adjoining houses. This home can accommodate up to 10 guests and is perfect for family gatherings or entertaining. The Black Atlantic beach is close by, and there is a hot tub and grilling area. $373 per night.

4. The Viking Lodge

modern lodge Airbnb Iceland

Brand new luxury villa with mountain and river views, perfect for viewing the Northern Lights during winter months. The interior of this 4 bedroom home was created by a famous Icelandic designer. Located close to golf and a short drive from the city of Reykjavik. $396 per night.

3. A House With Scenic Riverfront Views

riverfront airbnb iceland

Large, spacious, Southern Icelandic home on the river. Located close to popular scenic nature spots this 4 bedroom home is brand new. Situated close to the most popular tourist spots in Iceland and with all the amenities you could need. $365 per night.

2. Luxury House in the Center of Town

luxury house iceland airbnb

Elegant and luxurious this 5 bedroomed house is located close to everything you need. Just a 5 minute walk from the ferry, restaurants and supermarkets. Private parking is available for guests. $383 per night. 

1. Downtown Penthouse Apartment

downtown penthouse iceland airbnb

A large 3 bedroom 2 bathroom penthouse apartment in the heart of 
Reykjavik. This home can accommodate up to 8 people and is close to everything you need. Just steps away from the bars and restaurants of the city. $310 per night.  

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