6 Of The Most Amazing Family Friendly Airbnb Homes In London

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There are plenty of Airbnb homes in London that are great for the whole family. Because parenting is not as easy as we assumed it would be, and finding a family-friendly, kid-friendly place to stay when going on holiday anywhere is no walk in the park either.

There’s a ton of cool things for kids to do in London – it’s home to all kinds of Harry Potter-related things, the London Dungeon is a fun, gross treat for the whole family, Hamleys is the oldest and largest toy store in the world (founded in 1760, it’s older than the USA!), and there’s even a Paddington Bear walking tour that should keep your spawn occupied for an afternoon if nothing else does!

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But why travel to London for the kids just to stick them in a stuffy, boring hotel where they can’t run around or be themselves? Hotels are for grown-ups, and grown-ups are no fun.

The alternative to a fancy London hotel full of breakable ornaments, weird food and grumpy guests? A family-friendly Airbnb! We’ve found six of the best Airbnbs your kids will love. Check them out riiiight here:

A Colorful Loft Airbnb In Hoxton (approx $300 a night)

family friendly london airbnb with boar's head sign in a London Airbnb for kids bedroom with bare brick walls in London Airbnb

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s something out of the ordinary. This ex-warehouse loft space has a ton of out of the ordinary features to keep any curious little folks engaged! The cool artwork, the bare brick walls, the quirky layout and cool ornaments (we’re in love with the gorilla lampshade!) should make for a fun stay for the whole family. The kids are either going to be grossed out or thrilled by the taxidermied animal heads, but either way, it’ll make for a great memory for years to come.

This place is in a great spot for kid-friendly restaurants like Hoxton Square’s brilliant Red Dog Saloon (impress your kids by completing the hot wing challenge) or the unbelievably delicious On the Bab (you haven’t had fried chicken until you’ve had Korean fried chicken). Plus, you’re really close to the Museum Of Childhood in Bethnal Green, which is a super cute day out for the whole family.

Jessie The Narrowboat (approx $230 a night)

jessie the family friendly narrowboat in little Venice flowers on the kid friendly london Airbnb narrowboat the interior of the narrowboat docked in Little Venice, London

She’s not quite Thomas the Tank Engine, but Jessie The Narrowboat is still pretty cool. Moored in North London’s Little Venice, she’s a traditional British narrowboat that will delight any smaller people you might have traveling with you, as well as any grown-ups too! While she’s in a secluded little mooring, you’re still in the heart of the city. And don’t worry about keeping the kids occupied in a technology-free zone, this little boat has wifi and tv and all that jazz just like a boring old land-based home does.

Oh, and here’s a Londoner pro-tip you can have for free: there’s a well-known hearty two mile walk along the canal to London Zoo that will build a bit of anticipation among your lil’ guys about seeing the monkeys, with the two mile walk back to the being enough to chill everyone out after seeing the monkeys, too!

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A Spacious London Loft Just Right For Energetic Kids (approx $400 a night)

An Airbnb Shoreditch loft with loads of space for kids to run aroundsome bunk beds in a shoreditch loft apartment on Airbnb big airy space in a London Airbnb

This place might not strike you as especially child friendly, but take another look. Look at all that space! We all know that from the terrible twos onwards, the most accurate representation of a child in popular culture is Bart Simpson with a banging pots together singing “I am so great!” while Marge tries to relax. Ring any bells, parents?:

So, at 1260 square feet of floor space, this Shoreditch loft has enough running around space for any little terror to tire themselves out over the course of a couple of hours. And maybe you parents can take it in turns to chill out at the opposite end of the apartment when things are particularly noisy. Plus check out the cute bunkbeds! If you want a bit of culture in between Peppa Pig marathons and tense bedtime “discussions”, cultural center the Barbican isn’t far from here, too.

A Cute Ladbroke Grove Airbnb Apartment (approx $170 a night)

big sofa or couch in an airy London Airbnbliving area with a sign in a London apartment a stand alone bath tub in a kid friendly Airbnb

Now, you should know that the Brits call their apartments flats. We suppose because they are usually just on one floor or they don’t have roofs like houses or something – your guess is as good as ours. Just a little pointer in case you ever find yourself in a confusing situation where you think you’re in a conversation about flat shoes or something. Either way, light and airy, with a cozy, giant couch (they call couches sofas, FYI), and a ton of cool, colorful decorations, this flat is a great spot if you’ve got some kids along for the ride in this beautiful, historic city.

This place is right on Ladbroke Grove, meaning you’ll be only moments from trinket heaven on Portabello Market, where you can find unique antiques, street food and other fun stuff every weekend. You’ll also be walking distance from the Natural History Museum, which has a particularly enormous life size model of a blue whale, which has famously never failed to blow the mind of any child who sets eyes upon it.

A Colorful Westminster Airbnb Apartment (approx $340 a night)

a London Airbnb with patchwork quilts above the bed bunk beds for Children in a London Airbnb a pink patchwork quilt above a bed in an Airbnb in Westminster

This four bedroom apartment is as central as central can be! It literally could not be more central, is what we’re trying to tell you. You’d only do better if for some reason the Prime Minister put her parliament office on Airbnb. Which, come Brexit, may yet happen. All the most important sightseeing spots in London, including Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Hyde Park, Harrods, Chelsea, Belgravia and Mayfair are all a super easy stroll from this brilliant little home.

Imagine reading bedtime stories to the kids under those cute patchwork quilts that are above the headboards in the bedrooms though, wouldn’t that be kind of magical? And it’s fun that this place has bunk beds too – remember how much fun bunk beds were? This place is a cute, kid-friendly piece of family accommodation, no doubt about it.

This Super-Fun, Kid Friendly Airbnb Home (approx $420 a night)

the garden of an extremely fun Airbnb for kids a children's bedroom in an East London home on Airbnb wooden floors in a gorgeous East London Airbnb

Host and owner Lesley didn’t title this East London property “LUXURY FAMILY PARADISE” in all caps for nothing when she was setting up her Airbnb page! This place is kid heaven – full of a multi-generation-spanning selection of toys (from an old style rocking horse to a fancy radio-controlled robot and everything in-between) and featuring some of the cheeriest looking kids’ bedrooms we’ve ever seen on Airbnb, it is also right next to an award winning playground. How much fun do you reckon a playground has to be to win an award? Probably pretty fun, we’ll wager.

Adults aren’t totally left out of the deal here, though. This house is right by Broadway Market, AKA foodie central, where a ton of the coolest restaurants in town are based, and where all the best street food stalls appear on the weekend. It’s also only a bit further down the road to the iconic Columbia Road flower market and the super trendy Shoreditch area, which is a great place to go to remind yourself how it felt to be young and carefree, pre-kids!

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