The 8 Best Airbnb Homes In Fishtown, Philadelphia

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These are the best Airbnb homes in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Welcome to Philadelphia’s center of art, music, and culinary innovation! When you choose a Fishtown Airbnb, you’re choosing an artistic adventure that’s bound to engage every one of your senses. What once was the center of Philly shad-fishing has become the epicenter of an explosion of restaurants, galleries, and music.

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8 Great Philadelphia Airbnb Homes For Your Next Stay In The City

Like the Loft District, it’s fairly young and still growing both in residents and in its identity. There’s no shortage of sensory entertainment or culinary delights, and while you’re staying in this still-growing community, who knows—you might find yourself not wanting to leave! But before we get ahead of ourselves, check out these 8 great Airbnbs that’ll help you on your Fishtown trip!

Get the Royal Treatment at the Hero’s Castle

Why not enhance your Fishtown experience with a beautiful fairy tale stay at the Hero’s Castle? No really, check it out!

fishtown philadelphia airbnb

Right on the edge of Fishtown there stands a third-floor private suite with beautiful décor and even a quaint grandfather clock to top off the aesthetic. When you’re looking for something spacious and beautiful, you can’t go wrong with this Fishtown Airbnb that’s perfect for the solo traveler or for a couple. And whether during the day or the night, enjoy the city view from the balcony!

Enter the NOFISH Experience of Fishtown

Enjoy a unique experience of the artistic side of Fishtown with this Fishtown Airbnb!

fishtown philadelphia airbnb

For travelers looking to get a more local perspective, this Airbnb created what they call the NOFISH living space. Enjoy some incredibly artistic spaces that are both spacious and uniquely decorated. There’s not a part of this Airbnb where you won’t find something to amaze the eyes. And what’s more, it’s located near the center of Fishtown, giving you short-distance access to all its culture, events, and of course, food!

A Romantic Getaway in Philly’s Rising Art Capital

While enjoying the rising art scene of Fishtown, come back to an Airbnb with a Rittenhouse-level of romantic luxury!

townhouse airbnb philadelphia

Fishtown is a perfect setting for a romantic trip, having a musical night out with delicious food, and it’s only right that the night should conclude with a luxurious dip in the included jacuzzi in this Fishtown Airbnb townhouse! And once you’re done, get comfortable in the giant king-size bed!

Perfect for the Family or for You and All Your Friends

This townhouse has enough room to suit up to 11 guests! You’ll find no shortage on space!

3 bedroom townhouse airbnb philadelphia

In this generous three-bedroom townhouse, you will not find space to be lacking. It even includes a backyard for the family to play and a large kitchen for all your cooking needs, if you’re not feeling like trying out all the different kinds of foods out in Fishtown. And if you’re looking for more outdoor fun during your stay, this Fishtown Airbnb also includes a 6-person hot tub!

Embrace the Fishtown Spirit in this Artistic Airbnb

Don’t just experience the Fishtown art scene, become one with it when you stay at this property and its intense décor!

airbnb fishtown philadelphia rental home

Deep in the heart of Fishtown is this Airbnb that embodies the area it is in. Every which way you look, the interior is decorated to astound the visual senses. But that’s not all, outside the Airbnb is painted with a giant mural! It doesn’t get more Fishtown than this, really. And what’s more, you’ll be right next to all the cafes and restaurants. And if you want to take a trip to downtown Philly, you’ll have easy access to the subway. Or it’s just a quick car trip away!

Don’t Just See the Art Galleries, Feel Like You Live in One

Converted from a warehouse, this spacious Fishtown Airbnb makes you feel like you’re living in an art gallery of its own!

artists loft airbnb philadelphia

Whether you’re coming alone or with a loved one, this atmospheric Airbnb is sure to please art lovers with its spatial design. What’s more, this Airbnb is located in the heart of the dining and music of Fishtown, so it won’t be hard to find when you’re ready to experience Fishtown on the outside!

Enjoy the Explosive Art Scene with a Modern, Sleek Airbnb

When you want to separate the art scene from your living space, this is the Airbnb for you!

modern apartment

What once was a textile warehouse has been converted into a modern apartment that steers towards the neat and tidy aesthetic. If you’re seeking an Airbnb that gives you some quiet from the lively Fishtown atmosphere, this is the perfect place to find that relaxation before you go back out and have more fun! This is perfect for couples, but also accommodates up to five guests if you have a family or just a group of friends that want to tag along.

Super Spacious with Super Views, Bring the Friends and Family for This One

When you’ve got a large travel group, it’s great to be close to all the attractions. This Airbnb covers all that!

This incredibly spacious penthouse comes with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, giving you and your friends or family plenty of room to get comfortable before they venture out into Fishtown. This is thanks to how this property was once a hosiery factory before getting remodeled and converted. Now, it’s here for you to spend a luxurious weekend (or week!) enjoying the vibrancy and life of Fishtown!

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