9 cool Tokyo Airbnb properties for under $250

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Tokyo is the iconic Japanese city. If you’re able to make the trip, this  These are the top Airbnb rentals in Tokyo between $125 and $250.

9. 1 Bedroom Apartment Tatami Paradise in Shinjuku

shinjuku apartment tokyo airbnb

Go truly Japanese with this cozy tatami fun living in Shinjuku. There’s a restaurant in the same building so meals are always within reach. Shinjuku station is 15 minutes away, allowing you to reach your destinations. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 3 beds; ideal for up to 3 guests. $132 per night.

8. 1 Bedroom Apartment in the Middle of Shinjuku

airbnb apartment in shinjuku tokyo

Super-hosted and clean place in the middle of everywhere in Shinjuku. Everyone who’s stayed there raves about the wonderful time they had. Access all the fun of the neighborhood without much of a walk. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 4 beds, great for up to 5 guests. $149 per night.

7. A Private Room in Palatial Green Home Near Shibuya

shibuya house with garden airbnb tokyo

Go green while you enjoy Tokyo in this roomy dwelling, close to Shibuya. Enjoy the quiet of a great residential area, yet hit all the fun spots, restaurants and shopping with a short walk. 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 4 beds, nice for a group or family of 4. $220 per night.

6. A Relaxing Studio Apartment in Asakusa

modern apartment asakusa airbnb tokyo

Great hosts are one of the best attractions in this studio space in Asakusa. You are within easy reach of everything in the charming town and can get to the rest of Tokyo easily. Restaurants are plentiful and available. 1 studio, 1.5 bathrooms, 2 beds, 4 guests ideally. $127 per night.

5. Fresh Lodgings in a 2 Bedroom Apartment in Shinjuku

new shinjuku apartment airbnb tokyo

Spanking new accommodations in Shinjuku, easily within walking reach of shops and other spots. Okubo station is 2 minutes walk away, and Shinjuku station is also within walking distance. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 5 beds, enough for 9 guests or a large family or group. $230 per night.

4. A spacious 2 Bedroom Apartment near Roppongi

roppongi apartment airbnb tokyo near station

2 bedrooms, 9 beds, 2 bathrooms, 11 guests, spacious, large, ideal place for a large family or group. It’s 2 minutes from Kamiyacho station and 10 minutes from Tokyo tower. The host makes all the difference. $246 per night.

3. 3 Bedroom Zen Garden House near Metro

tokyo airbnb zen garden home near metro

This delight with its own zen garden and hot tub is just by Metro, about 100 meters away. There’s also a 24-hour supermarket close by. 3 bedrooms, 6 beds, 1 bathroom, up to 6 people. $193 per night.

2. Elegant 2 Bedroom Apartment in Shinjuku

elegant airbnb apartment in shinjuku tokyo

Elegance and style meet in Shinjuku in this stately home. 3 minutes from both the Okubo and Shinjuku train stations. In the middle of an Urban area and with quick access to shops, restaurants, and bars. 2 bedrooms, 3 beds, 1 bathroom, 5 guests. $132 per night.

1. 3 Bedroom Asakusa, Skytree Experience Apartment

skytree apartment asakusa airbnb tokyo

3 bedrooms, 8 beds, 1 bathroom, 8 people capacity, tatami-style abode is within 7-10 minutes of nearby train stations. Enjoy moderately priced family restaurants in this quiet area. Also in close proximity to sights and shopping. Pricing starts $149 per night.

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