Check out these 8 INCREDIBLE Irish Castle Properties on Airbnb

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These are some of the coolest Airbnb castle properties in Ireland. They’re the settings for legends, movies, and now, thanks to these Airbnb homes, your vacation! Irish castles have long captured the imaginations of writers and travelers alike which is why we’ve put together this list of 8 Remarkable Irish Castle Airbnb homes for Your Next Vacation. From homes that we’re built when Henry VII was busy beheading his wives to places with ghosts, these places are truly the stuff of legend!

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Wilton Castle – approx. $1,236 a night

We love it when an Airbnb home manages to combine the old with the new and that’s exactly what this seven-bedroom castle does.

Able to accommodate up to 14 guests, this 19th-century castle features cool, modern decorating touches (check out that wallpaper!), with traditional furniture. The exposed brick in a few of the rooms almost gives it a bit of a New York loft feel in spite of sitting right on the Boro River.

This castle Airbnb is less than an hour drive to the city of Waterford where you’ll find the Cooper Coast UNESCO Global Geopark which is known for its jaw-dropping coastline. If you’re traveling with kids this place is equipped with a crib, high chair, and endless space on which to run around.

Dunleckney Manor – approx. $2,373 a night

OK, get this: back in the days of Elizabeth I, land was the reward for serving your queen and the land on which this Airbnb sits was the payment to Sir Nicholas Bagenal, who was Commander of the English army in Ireland for Elizabeth I.

If that’s not storied enough for you maybe you should see if you can spend the night in Buckingham Palace. Dunleckney Manor as it’s known today is an eight-bedroom castle which sits on nine acres of land just an hour south of Dublin although given all there is to do here you might not even want to bother going there.

With a heated indoor swimming pool, library, pool table, movie room, and treehouse, you certainly won’t be at a loss for something to do. Outside you’ll find grounds that have been restored according to the original plans, a pond, walled garden and plenty of places to hang out.

The bedrooms here have names like the “Herb Garden” and the “Laburnum Suite” and truly look the part. In fact you can almost envision Elizabeth I herself staying the night here, doing laps in the pool and watching DVDs.

Grantstown Castle – approx. $674 a night

Wrap your head around this: Henry VIII was most likely king around the time this was built, possibly even Henry VII. This six-floor castle (which is connected by a stone and oak spiral staircase by the way) has four bedrooms and has room for seven guests in total and since Henry VIII had six wives there would be just enough room for all of them.

The very interesting history of this castle Airbnb can actually be found in a manual kept in the castle’s Great Hall but you can certainly see it in more concrete ways, for example, the hall actually contains the root from ivy that was on the grounds before the restoration.

There are also two “obliettes” or castle prisons on the property as well as two battlements from which you can view the sublime surrounding countryside (but you’ll have to do it with the supervision of your Airbnb host).

Although great and successful pains have been taken to make sure all restoration efforts pay tribute to the original plans of the castle, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of modern amenities like heated floors, perfect for those chilly evenings. This is an Airbnb you could really lose your head over.

Lisheen Castle – approx. $1,258 a night

You know those shows where someone buys a super-old building and spends months (and usually a lot of money) trying to restore it? That’s sort of the story behind this castle. Restored in 1996 using only local craftsmen, this nine-bedroom, eight-bath Airbnb sits in the Irish countryside, ten minutes away from the local town where you can easily pick up food, visit pubs etc.

While there are many extraordinary features of this house among the most unusual is the extraordinary ceiling mural in the dining room, although we want to steal that incredible laundry drying rack in the kitchen and we can’t tell you how much we want to take down a book from one of those library shelves, sit down in front of that roaring fire, and unwind. Available on a weekly or even monthly basis, this would be such a romantic spot for an extended honeymoon!

Turin Castle – approx. $1,001 a night

 With a private chapel, this five-bedroom, five-bath castle in County Mayo not only has enough room to accommodate your wedding guests, it can actually accommodate your wedding! Always wanted an outdoor wedding? It also happens to have an outside ceremony space!

And talk about romantic! Just look at those beautiful canopies over the beds, the animal pelt rugs, those carved wooden doors, the stone walls and that clawfoot tub big enough for two. Make sure you also have a gander at that cozy lounge space with the arched wood ceilings and the fireplace!

And the “Great Hall.” Talk about playing the part! It has more crests and shields and tapestries and swords than communal tables than the most elaborate Renn Faire! Seriously, all it’s missing is a woman in period costume walking around selling turkey legs!

Surrounded by 16 acres of land, you’ll likely see horses when you step out on to the roof of this amazing castle not to mention endless countryside. Be sure to make a side trip to the Aran Islands which might be the only part of the world as beautiful as this.

Durhamstown Castle – approx. $1,336 a night

Dating to the year 1420 (that’s around the time of Henry V for a little context), this incredible Airbnb is the oldest continuously inhabited house in its county in fact, even the plaster here is 600 years old.

And get this: thanks to additions that have been added to the property over the years, you can literally walk from the Middle Ages to the Victorian era. This is one of the coolest Airbnb castle properties in Ireland.

Decorated in an equally unusual way (the hosts describe it as “antiques mingling with junk shop treasures”), you’ll find everything here from tapestries to murals to rocking horses in the hallway to real donkeys on the grounds.

Just half an hour from Dublin, there’s a convenient bus service from the center of town to Dublin every half hour. Definitely one of the best Airbnb castle properties in Ireland.

Ross Castle – approx. $898 a night

One of the most incredible Airbnb castle properties in Ireland. Squint your eyes a bit and you might think you’re back in the 1500s when this castle was originally built. In fact, if you really look carefully, you might even see (or sense) a previous guest as this castle has a reputation for being haunted.

Wheel chair accessible, this six-bedroom, five-and-a-half bath Airbnb sleeps up to 15, making it a great place for a big family get-together. While breakfast is included in the price, for an extra 35 euro you can have three-course organic dinners in the banquet room (and all can be customized to meet your dietary needs as much of the food comes from your hosts’ organic farm).

With all the usual castle appointments like knights, mounted antlers, big leather chairs, glass bookcases full of books, and chairs that look like they came directly from King Arthur’s Round Table, every corner of this place feels authentic. And don’t miss out on the beauty of nearby Lough Sheelin, an extraordinarily majestic lake where you can spend the day fishing or just enjoying nature.

Springfield Castle – approx. $1,572 a night

Check out this impressive Airbnb castle in Ireland! Located on a 200-acre estate, this eight-bedroom Airbnb is only rented to groups so you’ll have the entire place to yourself.

The perfect place for a nature lover, the property includes an organic working deer farm and your host will happily take you around to meet the deer. You can also arrange for a falconry demonstration on a “hawk walk” but if you’re not into outdoor activities, you can always stay in and shoot pool in the billiard room.

If you happen to be getting married you can arrange to have your ceremony in the tower house and then take your photos on the grounds which are stunning (there’s a lovely gazebo as well as a fire pit). If you really want to go all out you can rent a horse and carriage.

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