8 Houston Airbnb Homes To Soak In The Sun (And Beef) From

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When you think of the most populous city in Texas, your first thoughts might be of the famous Space Center Houston, the ethnic diversity, the amazing Texas beef, or how it’s the capital of air conditioning. But did you know that there’s a network of Houston Airbnb homes bustling with gorgeous properties for you to stay and enjoy your Houston experience? But don’t just choose any of them. We’ve prepared for you a list of the top 8 properties that you should take a look to maximize the pleasure you get out of your next Houston adventure.

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8. The Sunny Bungalow Setting

Enjoy a private floor, plenty of sun, and a pool to stay cool!

pool home houston airbnb

If you’re looking for a whole private-floor bungalow kind of setting, you’ll enjoy this upper-floor Houston Airbnb location. It has its own private entry, so you don’t have to go through the bottom floor whatsoever. And it comes with a pool, so you can cool yourself off while enjoying the Houston sun!

7. The Tiny Texas Urban House

Good things come in small packages, and this tiny house that’s perfect for two is no exception!

tiny house houston airbnb

If you’re looking for something cozy or just want to have a whole place entirely to yourself, you’ll find it in this tiny home. In just 110 square feet, you’ll have a bath, a kitchenette, and a nice loft bed. It’s got all you need, and best of all, you’ll have all the privacy you’ll need too.

6. A Family-Friendly Modern Gem

Close to the fun and more than enough room to have to yourself!

modern home houston airbnb

It’s no joke, you will have so much room to yourself and your family and friends. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and an enormous kitchen! If you’re looking to have a full-blown two-floor house to yourself and your friends or loved ones, you won’t be found wanting at this Airbnb property. The house has been totally redone and it’s in a pretty, historic area as well.

5. An Upscale Loft-Style Garage Apartment with Décor to Match

Brilliantly thematic, so you can have as much fun staying in as when you’re out and about!

garage loft airbnb houston

If finding a themed Houston Airbnb is something you care about, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that beats this. This loft-style garage apartment is the perfect place for those who love comfort with style that gets away from the modern.

4. A Luxurious Private Suite Near the Downtown Area

Enjoy luxury comforts, a kitchen, and even a garden!

private home houston airbnb

In this beautiful home is a private but very spacious suite for Airbnb guests. You can sit back and enjoy a large screen TV or take a walk in the backyard and garden. And when you’re ready to have some fun, this suite isn’t too far from the Downtown area, and is also near the Houston Galleria.

3. Luxury Urban Cowboy Apartment in Houston

Luxury apartment with upscale and modern amenities.

modern urban home houston airbnb

Lower Montrose area Urban Cowboy Getaway with 1350 square feet to spread out in. Home has been recently completely renovated. No matter why you’re traveling to Houston, this is the perfect home base to explore and experience Space City. Its central location coupled with high-end amenities make this home the perfect choice for convenience and ease of living.

2. Find Modern Comforts in This Montrose Apartment

If you want to get as close to the fun as possible without sacrificing any of the incredible comforts of modern living, you’ll find it here!

modern airbnb houston

It’s close to Downtown and the Museum District, and it’s practically next door to the Galleria. If you’re looking for a home that’ll make you feel rich while giving you a beautiful view of the Montrose area, you’ve found it here. It also includes amenities such as access to a large saltwater pool—cool off while soaking in the Houston sun, or take a relaxing dip after a long night out Downtown!

1. A Slick Abode to Fit Your Chic Style

Spacious and with a supremely clean modern look, enjoy your stay in comfort and with sophistication.

modern upscale home houston

This upscale apartment comes with 2 bedrooms and is located close to Downtown Houston, the Galleria, and the Stadium. If you’re looking for an Airbnb that has a clean look with just the right number of modern furnishings, you’ll find it here. And you’ll also have your privacy thanks to the guest quarter having its own private entrance. This is perfect for couples, friend groups, or a family of four!

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