These are the 7 best Airbnb homes in Carmel, Ca!

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Civilized, serene, and breathtakingly beautiful, Carmel-by-the-Sea is one of California’s true gems. Chain stores aren’t allowed, there are no numbers on the buildings, and virtually every store has a bowl outside for dogs walking by. With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best 8 Airbnb homes in Carmel, California. In the words of Clint Eastwood, the town’s former mayor, we’re pretty sure these will make your day . . . and then some!

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Rustic Romance – Approx. $300 a night

Like a little old-fashioned rustic cabin, this is just perfect if you need a little peace and quiet and want to feel as if you’re really in the west!

With two bedrooms and two baths and 1200 square feet, this newly remodeled Airbnb sleeps up to five. One bedroom is actually in its own little apartment which is kind of great if you’re traveling with say, in-laws or someone you’re not 100% certain is a good traveling buddy!

It even has its own entrance as well as a kitchenette, bathroom, and deck with stunning forest views.

There’s also a fully stocked kitchen, although there is so much great food in Carmel there’s really no reason to cook. We strongly recommend, actually, let’s say implore you to have breakfast at Katy’s Place.

It’s only open until about 1:30 each day but wow, is the food amazing!

The eggs they use are the color of the sun and do NOT get us started on the pancakes because there are just no words!

Rose Cottage – approx. $250 a night

Talk about a storybook! This adorable little cottage Airbnb (which was once the home of writer Mary Hunter Austin, by the way) has charm to burn and in singing its praises it’s hard to know where to start but let’s just discuss the sun room.

This room would be fabulous enough on its own but given that one whole wall opens up on to a two-story waterfall, it’s kind of amazing.

Add to that the murphy bed that pulls out to face a huge picture window, and you might just end up spending all your time here.

Downstairs, another little living room with a quirky little brick fireplace will keep you warm and cozy until you decide you’re ready to spend some time outside and then you can open up yet another wall to the downstairs deck where you’ll find a pond full of fish.

Downstairs, you’ll also find a sweet little area with two more murphy beds that is just the perfect little nook for kids (although they may not be that interested in the wine cellar down here).

The adorable outdoor gazebo is the perfect place to have a lovely glass of wine as is the adorable garden bench.

With multiple skylights (13 in total!) this Airbnb has a vibe that just can’t help but make you happy. We can’t wait to hear what story you write here!

Perched Perfection – approx. $1750 a night

Reclaimed bleached wood, enormous picture windows, and a calm, industrial chic design all work together to make this Carmel-by-the-Sea Airbnb a calm, serene escape.

The ocean views include glimpses of Pebble Beach in the distance but amazingly, there’s a forest right behind the house as this beauty is perched, quite literally, in the trees.

Decorated in a sleek, modern style, this two-bedroom, two-bath home is within a 20-minute walk to Carmel (but keep in mind that the return walk is all uphill) and a nine-minute drive to Pebble Beach so even though you’re in the forest you certainly won’t be or feel isolated.

Although simple, this Airbnb has some lovely amenities like a spa-quality shower and a Nespresso machine. There’s also a Whole Foods just a short drive away so you can load up on snacks to take to the U.S. Open!

On a Mission – approx. $430 a night

Clean, classic and welcoming perfectly describe this sophisticated Carmel Airbnb.

With the bones of a mid-century modernist house, this one-bedroom, one-bath is the perfect place to either get in a little alone time or have a romantic rendez-vous with someone special.

Situated right in the hills that overlook the Santa Cruz mountains, this house is less than an hour’s drive away from both Big Sur and Santa Cruz, not to mention just a few minutes away from Carmel.

With an expansive kitchen, wood-burning fireplace, deck that spans the entire north side of the house, and a large terrace patio that overlooks the ocean, this is a great place to entertain if you have friends in the area.

Just make sure to open up the rolling wall in the living room that leads out to the deck. Don’t forget to make a pilgrimage to visit one of California’s famous missions, the Carmel Mission Basilica which dates from the 1700s and is just a quick drive on Hwy 1.

And while you’re there, why not take a hike in Mission Trail Park? If you don’t have time to visit the mission, you can get a glimpse of it from the trail!

French Carmel – approx. $595 a night

Like a little touch of Southern France in California, this stunner of an Airbnb was constructed by one of the most prestigious architects and builders in the area and is only 11 blocks to the ocean.

Cooks in particular need to consider this house as it has an armoire refrigerator, gas range, breakfast nook with fireplace, wine storage and even a warming drawer so you can really entertain the right way!

The master bedroom is a stunner and features a big walk-in closet, jetted tub and deluge shower so you can feel as if you’re at a spa even when you’re just spending the night at home.

Just a short walk to the downtown Carmel area, you’ll be able to pick up groceries (there are some great little local ones like Nielsen Bros. Market) or sit down for a great dinner at any of the area restaurants.

Since you’re clearly a Francophile, we vehemently recommend the Patisserie Boissiere Restaurant which has been around for over 50 years and serves some of the best French food you’ll ever taste. Vive La Carmel!

Tudor Dream – approx. $4,500 a night

With room for 12 guests, this $4,500 a night Carmel Airbnb is, well, still a little expensive but when you see what’s on offer here, it starts to seem like a bargain.

Five bedrooms and five and a half baths compose this classic Carmel mansion was originally built for a rail road magnate and truly looks the part.

Just a half-mile drive to the gates of Pebble Beach, this historic home is set within the area pines, offering some extraordinary views of the surrounding area, especially from the stunning deck.

With a huge wine cellar and bar, hot tub, sauna, full pool table, outdoor fireplace and BBQ, a pond, a vegetable garden, and—hold on to your hats—a full-sized volleyball court, you and your friends will have no trouble staying occupied at this Airbnb.

The rooms in this enormous Tudor-style home are huge as are the bathrooms so you certainly won’t want for space. In addition to the main house, there is a guest house that has a full home gym (the only thing you won’t find here is that horrible gym odor).

This is truly the kind of place you cannot wait to return to, even when you’re still in the driveway!

California Cottage – approx. $1,100 a night

Happy and homey perfectly describe this four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath Carmel gem.

With room for up to six, this charming cottage features a big galley kitchen, great communal dining table with benches (so you can always invite more guests), a great big fireplace in the living room (imagine what that’s like on a nice, rainy night), and French doors and skylights that let in the sun at every turn.

Just five minutes from Carmel’s famous beach, this 100-year-old house is perfect for watching the sunset (if you’ve never been to Carmel before, we absolutely insist that you take at least one night and go down to Carmel’s beach around sunset. The whole town comes out to watch and the experience is breathtaking!).

There’s actually a main house and a guest house here, so if you’re traveling with friends or family and want to maintain a little distance, this place is perfection!

Since it’s so close to the town, you may be tempted to stock up on groceries, but be sure to check the fridge first as your hosts like to load up the kitchen prior to your arrival.

If you do feel like venturing out for a meal, we highly recommend the no-nonsense Flaherty’s where the fish ‘n’ chips tastes like the real thing.

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