8 Very Weird but Very Cool Airbnb Homes In France

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We found a bunch of weird Airbnb homes in France. Part of the fun of staying in an Airbnb is the opportunity to have a really unusual experience, and these French properties do not disappoint. Wanna stay in an aeroplane? No problem. A cool yurt? Easy. A little wooden ship with a view of the Eiffel Tower? You got it. Check out these super unusual wild and wonderful Airbnb homes in France right now:

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8. In Plane Sight – Approx. $100 a night

home designed from a plane airbnb france

Well, we said these were unusual Airbnbs! First on the list of weird Airbnb homes in France. This cleared for take-off (sorry, we couldn’t help it) re-purposed plane sleeps up to four in three beds and amazingly has a/c, heating, wifi, a kitchen, and a bathroom, although the in-flight entertainment is up to you (again, apologies).

Located in the commune of Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef, this Airbnb plane is right near a small water park but there’s no need to activate your floatation device. The host gets great reviews so hopefully the entire experience will be turbulence free!

7. Say Yes to the Yurt approx. $48 a night

yurt on a picturesque lake airbnb france yurt on a picturesque lake airbnb france We know there are other yurts in the world but this one is pretty special. Full of llamas (Balthazar and Mascara), sheep (Pupille and Rétine), and even a peacock named Adam.

Located on a beautiful little lake with a walking bridge, this Airbnb yurt has fishing poles and a boat you can use as well as a lovely hammock you can hang out in if fishing isn’t your thing.

There’s also a heated swimming pool, a trampoline, a playground, bicycles, and a BBQ for those summer evenings outside. Decorated like a true Mongolian yurt (which is what it is), this place will not only be a joy to hang out in, but it will look fabulous on your Instagram!

Racing fans, take note: you’re just over an hour away from Le Mans!

6. Elvensong – approx. $101 a night

elven style home on a lake for lord of the rings fans france elven style home on a lake for lord of the rings fans france If the characters from Lord of the Rings needed an Airbnb in France, this is where they would stay. Each of the five different properties on this “Eco-chic” estate have been hand-crafted using “organic materials and ecological methods.”

More or less “off the grid,” there is no electricity in the cabin (just in the main house) but there is so much to do here you won’t even care.

You can swim in the lake, use the canoe, take a walk through the woods, a dip in the private hot tub, say hello to horses Indra and Toto, enjoy the fireplace, have a picnic, or buy some of the organic produce sold by the owners of the farm this incredible property is on.

Known as “Elvensong,” this extraordinary will leave you with the loveliest of melodies! This place is certainly one of the coolest weird Airbnb homes in France.

5. All Hands on Deck – approx. $224 a nightincredible houseboat docked in front of eiffel tower

There are so many unique ways to see Paris via Airbnb and one of the best is via this incredible houseboat.

Docked in the 16th arrondissement, just a short walk to the Eiffel Tower, this Airbnb houseboat is not only one of the most unusual on our list but one of the most romantic.

Sleeping just two in one bedroom, you’ll not only have an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower but you’ll be near so many great attractions like the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, Musée national des arts asiatiques Guimet, and even the Musée de la Contrefaçon or “Museum of Fakes” which is a super-unique museum that explores the world of forged goods like handbags, cigarettes, and even medicines.

You’ll also be near the Champs-Elysées where you’ll find a branch of famed macaron-maker, Ladurée. We recommend you buy a few and have them for desert as you sit at the dining room table and watch the Eiffel Tower light up at night!

4. All Roads Lead to Gnomes – approx. $84 a night

yurt style condo for gnomes airbnb france yurt style condo for gnomes airbnb france

Somewhere between a yurt and a cabin, this adorable little Airbnb looks like a little condominium for gnomes. Decorated in a charming, Scandinavian-style aesthetic, this property is all light wood, gingham and animal pelts.

The snazziest amenity is a microwave (no wifi or TV here), but you’ll love the indoor fireplace which is the centerpiece of the house, not to mention the charming garden just outside.

The hosts will provide a traditional French breakfast of croissant, yogurt, and pastries, but if you want something a little more sophisticated, the town of Nantes is just about a half an hour away.

Since you’re obviously someone who likes the unusual, be sure to visit the Les Machines de l’île (Machines of the Isle of Nantes), a Steampunk-like attraction/theme park that you just sort of have to see to believe. Kind of like most of the Airbnbs on this list!

3. Owl Be Seeing You – approx. $168 a night

medieval watchtower converted home airbnb france

Bet you never thought you’d ever stay in a Medieval watchtower, did you? Well, now you can in this remarkable Airbnb that opens this summer in Corgoloin, a commune just outside of Dijon.

Situated between the property’s manor and its barn, the round stone walls offer “micro views” of the gorgeous surrounding countryside.

Although the structures date from Medieval times, this unusual Airbnb is outfitted with an egg chair and cool, modern-looking staircase as well as a full bathroom.

Outside, you’ll find fields of lavender and roses as well as plenty of room to just roam. If you decide to go into Dijon, you must stop by the Church of Notre Dame of Dijon and rub the belly of the church’s owl for good luck!

2. Tremendous Troglodyte – approx. $79 a night

home with links to da vinci and a queen in france

Known as the Amboise Troglodyte, this cave-like Airbnb is on the weird end of places you’ll stay in France.

Known as Chez Hélène, this one-bedroom property has a clawfoot tub, private bathroom, and even cable TV.

It’s located in the commune of Amboise which is known for its timbered houses and for being the home of both Mary, Queen of Scots as a young girl and Leonardo da Vinci as a dead person (he’s actually buried there in spite of being so distinctly connected with Italy).

A new bike path has just been constructed along the Loire so make sure to take advantage of it! At only $79 a night, this is not just a great place to stay but a serious bargain as well!

1. Caving In – approx. $86 a night

unusual home in a cave airbnb

Now this is a cave! Located on the island of Corsica in a town called Corbara, this cave-like dwelling is ten minutes from dozens of different beaches and has access to a lovely private garden.

Sleeping two in one bedroom, this Airbnb looks out on to some of the most beautiful landscape you’ve ever seen.

Other than breakfast and towels, there aren’t many amenities, but Chez Coro is the kind of place you come to for relaxation and serenity anyway.

If you do get antsy for some excitement, you can take a quick boat ride to Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Menton, St. Tropez, or even Pisa, Italy!

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